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Hello Ohio Associates!

As a new associate, the best thing you can do is to get plugged in to all the news and happenings throughout Ohio. In addition to our statewide [Ohio LS] email list, you'll want to add yourself to one or more of the local email event lists listed below.

For each of the local lists that you subscribe to, you will receive messages about that event's upcoming speakers, when that area's Basic Trainings are scheduled, and when other special trainings are scheduled for that area... You should definitely include yourself on at least two lists: The [Ohio LS] state list and the list for the area closest to you, plus any other lists that you're interested in being kept informed about.

Enter your contact information here:

First Name:  
Last Name:  
Phone #:      e.g., (800) 555-1212
Email Address:  
Use your email address if you have one

Select which areas throughout the state you'd like to be kept informed about. Don't worry ― you can always come back and add yourself to additional lists, or remove yourself from lists that you're no longer interested in.

  Ohio's statewide [Ohio LS] list   (Recommended for all Associates!)

In addition to the statewide list, we recommend that you subscribe to at least one, or more, of the regional event lists specified below...



  North Olmsted (Cleveland)


  Mentor (Cleveland)









Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati)


Administer Lists

 Your Weekly Business Briefing...


Executive Directors
Steve Maguire & Terre Krotzer

Press the Play Button Below:

(32 minutes)

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Your weekly Business Briefing is the most important ongoing event that is available to you and to all Associates in your area.

Knowing that, you can help make your own business briefing as effective as possible by listening to this relatively short training, entitled Your Role at the Business Briefing.

Just turn on your computer's speakers and click on the "play" button to the left. From there, just sit back, listen, and take notes...

Whether you're brand new to LegalShield, or if you've been with us for years, you play a very important role each and every week at your briefing. We appreciate it. Thank you!