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Hello Ohio Associates!

As a new associate, the best thing you can do is to get plugged in to all the news and happenings throughout Ohio. Be sure to attend the weekly business overview and trainings in your area because this is where you will learn the most about your LegalShield business and how to grow it quickly.

To grow your business most effectively, you should plan on investing:

* One evening a week for your Business Briefing
* One afternoon a month for your Super Saturday
* Two weekends a year for the Company Conventions

These are all part of the 10 Core Commitments. If you don't know yet what the 10 Core Commitments are, you can learn about them in the contents of the Associate Kit you received when you signed up.

Plug in, following the 10 Core Commitments, and over time you should see your business steadily grow!

 Your Weekly Business Briefing...


Executive Directors
Steve Maguire & Terre Krotzer

Press the Play Button Below:

(32 minutes)

Get MP3 Version  (31Mb)
(Right-Mouse Click to Download) 

Your weekly Business Briefing is the most important ongoing event that is available to you and to all Associates in your area.

Knowing that, you can help make your own business briefing as effective as possible by listening to this relatively short training, entitled Your Role at the Business Briefing.

Just turn on your computer's speakers and click on the "play" button to the left. From there, just sit back, listen, and take notes...

Whether you're brand new to LegalShield, or if you've been with us for years, you play a very important role each and every week at your briefing. We appreciate it. Thank you!